5 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Teaching

The past year or two has been turbulent for those in the teaching profession. Strikes over  pensions, poor GCSE and A-level results, Michael Gove’s attempt to revamp the whole system of examinations, it hasn’t been the best advert for people considering teaching as career. But teaching is better than what most people give it credit for. Thousands of teachers lead successful, life-long careers in their job and probably wouldn’t change it for the world. So what are the reasons why you should go into teaching?

Long holidays

A bit selfish I know, but given that most employees only receive two weeks’holiday per year, the amount of paid holiday in teaching is certainly one of the job’s biggest perks. You can relax for six or seven weeks in the summer sun, whilst everyone else is stuck in an office.


There’s never going to be a moment in society when teaching becomes a defunct profession; there’s always going to be people who need and want education. Some subjects  within teaching may also give  an even greater sense of job security. For example, by teaching a core subject like Maths or English, you are more in demand than teachers of non-core subjects like Music.


As the daughter of a Maths teacher, I know that no two days are ever the same in teaching, although this information is based purely on  his mood when he gets home! Some days may be bad, some days are good, and some days are brilliant. So long as you’re prepared to take each day as it comes, no-one can ever say that teaching is a boring profession.


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With variety comes challenge, particularly if you’re teaching students who aren’t very engaged. Even just standing in front of class full of pupils all day, every day, can be challenging. It’s your job to show your passion and get every student enjoying the subject and achieving well within it; nothing could prove to be more of a worthwhile challenge.


Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions out there. You get the satisfaction of seeing students perform well in examinations, when both you and the pupils themselves have worked very hard to get  through it all .Even helping a student who is having difficulty grasping a particular idea in your lesson, is worth a pat on the back. Surely that beats being stuck in an office all day?

Finding fulfilment in a career should surely be the most important criterion for anyone and teaching can provide you that on a daily basis. You can bond with your students, get to know them, and help them to achieve their goals, whether that’s getting straights As in their exams or even just learning to read and write properly. All you need are children certificates, a teaching qualification and the passion to educate the youth of our society. Got more reasons why teaching is the profession to go for? Post them below!

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