6 Tips For LSAT Self-Studying

Getting into law school can be an extensive and intimidating process; one that starts with preparing for the LSAT.

So you’ve decided that LSAT classes aren’t for you and that your best option is to self study for the test. It’s a daunting task for a daunting test, but here are 6 tested and true tips to keep in mind throughout your LSAT journey and conquests.

Invest in Materials

You always have to give something in order to get something. Reputable and reliable LSAT prep books are expensive. The most popular books are the Powerscore Logical Reasoning Bible and Logic Games Bible, but there is a great variety of LSAT prep books out there on the market. A good word of advice, however, is to make sure that the questions that the prep books use are drawn from real LSAT tests and sources; it is most effective to study real questions as opposed to mimicries.

Strict Study Schedule

From the beginning, you need to set a study schedule with a detailed strategy and plan up to the date of your test. Be reasonable and don’t be too overly optimistic about your self discipline. You know your best patterns of focus and memory. If you know, realistically, that there’s no way you can actually study for 5 hours every day, don’t make plans to, because once you break your schedule it makes structure harder to follow in the future. The recommended amount of time that you should spend studying for the LSAT spans from around 3 months at minimum to 6 months.

Stay healthy and stick to a strict schedule. Trying to cram without a plan can result in fatigue and lost hours that could be spent studying for the LSAT.

Of course it is possible to study for longer or shorter periods of time, based on the extent of your background in relevant areas. Also remember to give yourself breaks in order to prevent yourself from burning out. Many people like to take a complete “LSAT-off” break in the few days before the test so that they don’t over-stress, build up too much anxiety, and so that they can give their brains some peace and a chance to relax and properly process the knowledge that they have already spent so long learning.


You aren’t allowed to use a digital watch during the actual exam, so you should practice without one. If you are looking for accurate timings, you can use a stopwatch or online timer, but eventually, especially as the deadline nears, you should get used to wearing and using only an analog watch.

Making Mistakes

You won’t learn from anything if you can’t learn from your mistakes. After every quiz and test that you take, thoroughly analyze all the mistakes you made. In this beginning, this will feel like an extensive process, but you will end up saving so much time if you help yourself understand how not to make the same mistakes again and again.

Experiment with Pacing

Some people find that they get a better result if they skip some sections in order to focus better on the other sections. A common practice is to skip the last logic game to ensure that the other sections don’t need to be rushed; many people get better results this way, but the strategy is different for everyone, depending on the type of test taker you are. Taking many practice tests allows you to experiment with your own pacing strategy, whether it’s to skip any or none, without any penalty so that you can find out what works best for you.

Be Healthy

Eat a balanced diet and sleep responsibly. If your body isn’t in good shape, your brain won’t be either. Eating well and getting enough sleep will give you the energy you need to study, remember, and perform.

About the Author – Olivia Lin writes for The Law Offices of W.T. Johson, a Dallas, Texas, personal injury law firm. She, along with the others at W.T. Johnson, is passionate about the legal field and has always been passionate about helping others. 

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