Being Fashionable On Holiday In Turkey

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If you are planning on spending your holiday in Turkey this year, then you want to be fashionable in the clothes that you wear, but at the same time remain practical as well. Remember that as Turkey is predominantly a Muslim country, when visiting religious sites or places which require formal wear, then you will have to wear the appropriate clothing to make sure that you do not offend anyone. If you are sitting around the pool or on the beach, then wearing your swimsuit or bikini is fine. This may not go down to well if you wear this in a religious place of worship or places which require more formal wear.

Turkey’s Weather

Depending on the time of year that you visit Turkey will depend on the type of clothing required. It can get very warm during the summer months with highs reaching around 30°C in places, sometimes more. This means that you need to bring suitable clothing for not only relaxing by the pool or on the beach, but something which is also modest and does not reveal too much. At the same time, you will need to try and keep cool, so you will want to try and stay away from manmade fibers and instead try going for something made from 100% cotton as this should help to keep you cool. If you are travelling in the off season, around October to April, then you will need to make sure that you bring warm clothes with you as well as the temperature drops to around 3°C or 4°C at its lowest. If you go to the mountainous regions of the country then the temperature can drop even further than this. During the hottest time of the year also the temperature can swing as much as 15°C from the hottest time of day to the coolest time of the night. This means you really do need to be prepared for most eventualities.

What clothing to wear?

As well as trying to wear 100% cotton clothing during the hottest time of the day, light colours are also good, and this has the added benefit of helping to keep the mosquitoes away as well. If you are not sunbathing or swimming then you may wish to get yourself a Sarong which is made from a light fabric, and you can wrap around yourself and these ar

e also good to have when the temperature drops slightly at night. If you are looking to visit a holy place or shrine where the dress code is restricted, then the great thing about a Sarong is you can wrap it around yourself like a long dress, hiding your modesty and fitting in with the strict guidelines regards dress code in certain places. You will also need to make sure that you do not have bare shoulders or revealing tops as these can be frowned upon. A light shawl or cardigan can be good for covering yourself up when you need to. One thing you do want to be careful of is exposing too much of yourself as this can lead to a lot of unwanted attention from men, whether you are married or not. Try and wear modest clothes that are not too revealing but at the same time they are practical and you are not going to be too hot in them.

Good things to bring

There are some things that you should bring with you which will make your trip much more enjoyable, as well as enable you to not offend any of the locals.

  • Sarong
  • Long Sleeved Tops
  • Cotton Trousers or Callots
  • Comfortable Footwear
  • A Bag
  • Sunhat

Especially true if you are exploring the country and not sitting by the pool or on the beach all day, you will need to be prepared for any eventuality whilst you are out. This means that you really should take a bag out with you big enough to fit a change of clothes in, just in case you need to cover yourself up whilst you are out. This is another reason to try and get 100% cotton clothes as they are light and easy to carry. Taking a sunhat is also a good idea and will help you deal with the heat during the hotter times. People do make mistakes when visiting foreign cultures so try and do some research about what is and what is not permitted before you travel. Making in the effort to bridge the cultural divide will go a long way, trust me! This will help ensure you have the best holiday to Turkey ever!

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