Benefits Of Implementing Latest Technology In Schools

Education should ideally be a way of opening up young minds and not just filling them with facts. It is when education takes on a monotonous tone that children start to shut down all their receptive powers. Education then becomes a boring chore and a task for both the teacher and the student. This can and should change. We can make education a fun activity. But for this to happen we will have to explore different methods and technologies that will help us to reconnect with the children.

Technology, in today’s world, has a very prominent place in our daily lives. Gone are the days when technology was restricted to a television and an occasional phone call. Children were even more removed from technology as even these minor devices were kept away from children. Now, the times have changed. Children are familiar and friendly with almost every technology that we handle on a daily basis. Animation is now child’s play. Technological development in the area of media has been able to grasp the attention of the children. Educationalist and child workers reached a conclusion that this can be used to our advantage for getting the child interested in the learning process.

What are the main advantages of using technology in school education?

  • The computer assisted learning programs can help children to understand the concepts more easily through the clear visualizations.
  • The computer programs are accompanied by revision tests which can help the students to recall points. The teachers will not have to spend time on preparing revision tests for each portion.
  • The computer assisted education program can be of great help to the weaker or slower students as the classes can be easily repeated for them.
  • The computer aided education programs are found to be more effective at holding the attention of the students. Through such education programs the attention span of children with an attention deficit disorder can also be increased.
  • Children are more at ease when they work with a computer, especially when taking tests. This could be because they do not have to be conscious of making mistakes.
  • This method of computer-aided education is a very effective and efficient method that can be used with special education children.
  • Children are often affected by the attitude and personality of the teachers. This is good if the teacher is always pleasant and can connect with the children but in case the teacher and the child are at odds then the relationship can affect the education of the child. This problem is not present in case of a computer aided education process.

Education and technology can go hand in hand and work for the benefit of students across the world. Technology can be used at a primary level, middle school level and even at the higher education level. Some children do prefer to stay away from computers and prefer to be taught by real people. Most teachers, though, prefer to resort to the help of technology while dealing with difficult or boring topics.

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