Best Selling Business Books 2013

Best Selling Business Books 2013

Reading is a great way to sharpen your business skills, especially if those books are worth reading. One strategy for picking which book to read next is to scope out the bestseller lists. These lists will let you know what everyone else is reading and keep you updated on today’s hot topics. Halfway through 2013 there are already a few business books rising to the top – read on for an overview of this year’s business best sellers.

Sheryl Sandberg – Lean In: 2013’s top selling business book, Lead In is an examination of women’s progress in the business world. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, explores why the progress of women in leadership roles is slowing down and offers solutions to reverse this trend. Oprah Winfrey describes the book as a “manifesto for women in the workplace.” It encourages women to take control and make changes for themselves in the workplace. Both genders can benefit from the information this book has to offer, making it a great choice for any businessperson’s reading list.

Gary Keller – The One Thing: The One Thing addresses a problem growing in size as smart phones and constant flows of information become more and more ubiquitous – multitasking. While most people believe that they are most effective when completing several tasks at once, Keller strongly disagrees. In this book he argues that distractions are a root cause of many people’s lack of success. Success comes from doing one thing right instead of trying to do everything right. Focusing on one thing is the surest way to success.

Adam Grant – Give and Take: Reading Give and Take will give you insight on how people work with others. Specifically, it focuses on the takers, matchers, or givers. Takers try to get as much from others as they can, matches seek out an even trade, and givers will contribute without expecting something back. In his book, Adam Grant argues that givers have found extraordinary success across many industries. He provides the most recent research to back up his claims, as well as interesting stories, making the book an edifying and entertaining read.

David A. Stockman – The Great Deformation: The Great Deformation is a great read for anyone interesting in learning more about Washington’s response to the United State’s recent financial crises. This book leans neither right nor left. Instead, it lists offenders on both sides of the aisle for the past eighty years. The book explains how the country has come to its current financial woes and the potential consequences if today’s trends continue. This book is shocking and thought-provoking, making it a great read for anyone interested in conversing knowledgably about today’s political and financial issues.

Orrin Woodward – Leadershift: Why is the Untied States losing its leadership edge? This book seeks to answer this question and provide solutions for the future. It focuses on the Five Laws of Decline and their effects on the nation’s businesses and institutions. The book proposes that a ”LeaderShift” is coming that will necessitate a change in how the world leads, governs, and does business. This book does not swing right of left. Instead, it offers solutions for people of all backgrounds and ideologies to make changes today to help transform the leadership environment of tomorrow.

The books on this list have been selected from the New York Times Bestseller List. They are some of the most popular books on the market today and are being read by millions. The ideas contained inside will help you better your own business practices, but they will also keep you informed about the ideas your friends and colleagues are currently encountering. Keeping up with the bestselling business books will give you the edge both intellectually and socially.

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