Botnets – A Growing Threat

Botnets are considered to be the most dangerous menace in the cyberspace. They are quite harmful, as they damage individual computers and the whole network as well. The botnet enters the system via viruses or Trojans, which help in carrying the botnet’s code.

When the system is infected by a bot, it stays hidden and carries out a number of automated tasks like sending viruses, spam, or spyware. They also steal private and personal information like bank credentials, credit card numbers and other sensitive information.

Signs of Botnet

Botnet can be easily downloaded from any malicious website. Once it is installed, the system starts working slowly. Not only this, you will also notice that the speed of the internet connection decreases drastically. Sometimes, you may also encounter a sudden increase in the internet speed.

Another sign that you may come across is that the browser will close automatically while browsing. Sometimes too many browsers will open automatically while you are working on the system. You will also notice that your desktop changes on its own. All these signs point towards botnet, which will affect your system badly.

Whenever you find that your computer has been affected by this virus, take immediate steps to solve the problem at the earliest. If you do not take necessary steps to rectify the issue and get it repaired, it will gradually damage your whole computer.

Online guide to remove it

You can follow the procedure as directed on the internet to remove it. This is the easiest way to get rid of the problem. In spite of this, if the problem still persists you can get it repaired from any authorized center. The experts working in these centers are well trained and experienced enough to remove such virus from your system.

Your computer can also get hacked if botnet has entered the system. So, it is better to remove it as soon as possible for the security purpose. All your personal details on your system may get erased or hacked. This virus is very effective in creating and sending spam mails to other computers, thus affecting them too.

Get Firewall installed

Botnet is a problem, which is faced globally by everyone. Thus, if you wish to protect your system and important details get the firewall program installed. Whenever, you are working on the system using the internet it is important to furnish your personal details only on the sites that you trust.

Also, avoid opening spam mails in your Inbox. Whenever you get the firewall installed, you need to make sure that it is switched on. You can also install anti-spyware or antivirus applications and run it on your system.

It is always better to run spyware software or antivirus once a week to save your computer from a botnet. Remove all the data in the system, which is not required in order to make the system work more effectively. Always run the antivirus program after switching off the internet connection.

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