Compromising With Your Property – Why You Can Never Buy Your Dream Property, And Which Compromises Are Going Too Far

When it comes to popular topics for daydreaming, one of my very favourite is to imagine my future home. I also love daydreaming about saving my friends from attackers and being hailed as a hero, and sometimes I imagine I’m on a talk show talking about my successful autobiography; but right up there is thinking about how I would decorate my dream home and all the features I’d make sure to include.

Unfortunately though, I know that I’ll never quite get the property that I’ve always dreamed of. Even if I become super rich and if transforming balcony-lifts existed, I still wouldn’t get my way because life just isn’t like that. Here we’ll look at some of the unavoidable compromises that have to be made when you choose a place to live, and discuss which compromises conversely shouldn’t be made.

Your Family

The first problem with buying your dream home is the fact that your dream property is likely to be very different from the dream property of your family. Unless you live alone, you are always going to have to appease your partner, your children, or your housemates, and that will mean you might have to give up some of your more out-there design choices.

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While you can’t have everything you want though, you should make sure that you get a few of the things you’re thinking about, and that they are making compromises too. A good agreement is that you each get one thing you want, so if you want a home office and your partner wants a walk in wardrobe, then make sure that you both get these things before any2008-05-11_01 Attractive grey house in Prospect Park South, Brooklynone else gets something else they want.

You Will Need to Do Work

While you might be able to create your dream home, you aren’t going to find one that is perfect for you right away, because someone else will have lived there and they’ll have had different ideas to you. You’re going to need to make some compromises initially then in terms of the precise layout of the rooms or the look of the garden, but these will be things you can change. The compromise you shouldn’t make is with the quality or the value of the property – so if it isn’t in good condition or if it isn’t safe, make sure you keep on looking. Speak with your real estate agent, and make sure to use solicitors and a surveyor when you buy to get everything professionally checked over.

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Brown Shingle House

While you can rebuild and renovate a home to be just the way you want it, unfortunately you are pretty much stuck with your location just the way it is. In other words then you aren’t going to find a place that is worthy of the word ‘perfect’ because anywhere is going to be either too built up, or not built up enough, or it is going to be too far away from friends or too much of a commute to where you work.

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