Disrupting Driver’s Education in the United States

Elegant E-Learning is on a path to disrupt driver’s education in the United States. The company, which operates the website Driving-Tests.org, is on a fast track to partner with every library in the United States for the purpose of allowing students to take their driver’s examination.

Launched in 2008, the site provides free simulation software based on actual driver’s tests. It has practice questions as well as pop-ups to explain the answers. The company is already known for creating safe driving campaigns such as the Distraction Free Driving Pledge and the Parent Teen Driving Contract. However, over the last six months, the company has been making a push to partner with libraries across the nation.

Screenshot of driving-tests.org practice test.

Screenshot of driving-tests.org practice test.

Elegant E-Learning creates branded sites specific for each library with a custom URL. Patrons of the library can then access the website for free and take one of the many driver examinations which also includes testing for motorcycle permits and commercial driver’s licenses.

“This is a great tool,” said Danny Patton, a patron of the Orange County Library in Cost Mesa, California. “Our library already offers many great services and this is likely to be used by many people in the community.”

Driving-Tests.org is also disrupting other countries in the field of driver’s education. They have developed additional websites for testing in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. While it is unlikely that that the near future will bring 100% online driver’s testing, Elegant E-Learning is making the push in that direction.

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