Five DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Make You Look Like The Best Daughter Ever!

1. The Montage Photo frame
This is a really personal Mother’s Day gift that she will definitely love! If you’re mum’s anything like mine she won’t want you to go to any trouble or buy her anything, because she ‘doesn’t really need anything’ then this is perfect because she will love it so much she won’t be able to say no! Try using all black and white photos for a really stylish effect or you could mix old memories with more recent pictures and add in postcards and tickets. All you need to do is lay them all out, stick them down and add a frame. Simple and easy, but beautiful!

2. Homemade Beauty Treatments
Some of the best rejuvenating beauty treatments can be made with ingredients found in our kitchen cupboards. Sugar scrubs are great for your skin as they contain natural oils that are great for moisturising and they buff away dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin! All you need is some sugar; either white or brown but personally I think that brown sugar smells lovely mixed with some vanilla essential oil. You also need a base or carrier oil which holds it all together; sunflower, macadamia or almond are some of the most popular ones to use. Then you can add whatever natural oils and scents that your Mummy would prefer, try pretty scents such as Rose or Lavender for that special feel. Store them in a pretty Kilner jar or a clean jam jar and tie with a pretty ribbon.

3. Flower Arrangements
Now, I understand this may not be the cheapest option but it is so personal and saves you the expensive wrMothers Dayapping costs of the florists! It’s also very easy and cheap if you already grow flowers in your garden. This is also convenient as you can arrange the flowers to fit the vase, not hope the flowers that you’ve bought will look OK when you get them home! You could also try something a little bit different and arrange smaller flowers in a tea-cup for a really vintage feel. A great tip to get the arrangement that you really want is to use thin Sellotape to create a grid over the top of your bowl, vase or tea-cup as this helps to stabilize the stems and means that you can get the exact arrangement you want without your flowers falling over!

4. Scrabble Coasters
This is one for the scrabble lovers, but I don’t suggest you go and raid the board games for tiles, next time your mum goes to play Scrabble I doubt she’d appreciate not being able to make any words! These tiles can be found on eBay for a really inexpensive price, you need 16 tiles for one coaster and I’d suggest making a set of 4 as it’s a nice even number. You also need some thin cork that can be easily sliced with a craft knife and some glue that will stick, preferably a heated glue gun, but you can pick up some multi-purpose craft glue that would do the trick from any Wilkinson’s or B&Q! Created whatever message you want to on the coaster, stick your tiles down on the cork and cut around them to create your coaster!

5. Homemade Jams or Marmalades
This has to be one of the yummiest and quickest Mother’s Day gifts around and is so easy to make! There are always recipes for homemade jams, jellies and marmalades in recipe books or on Pinterest but the basics for a lovely jam are just fruit and sugar! The simple explanation starts with mashing up your berries, cooking them over a high heat for 5 minutes and then sieving them to remove the seeds. Then add the pulp to the sugar and boil rapidly for another 5 minutes. Then just tip onto a chilled plate and if it wrinkles when you touch it and looks like jam, it’s done! If not, boil again for another few minutes until it does. Easy, hey?

Let us know the best gift you’ve given or received for Mother’s Day below!

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Featured images: Image by Adam Burt License: Creative Commons image source