Five Fatal Content Writing Mistakes – SEO Killers

Ask any SEO expert what the biggest mistake made by entry-level content writers is and most will tell you it’s underestimation. There’s a reason copywriting, article writing and other such writing jobs represent full-time careers for some – it is a specific and complex process the likes of which takes time, effort and dedication to perfect. Sadly, it’s often a little too late to realize this once you have littered your website with garbage and been left wishing you should have outsourced in the first place after all.

Of course, anyone can try their hand at SEO content writing, but anyone that isn’t very well-versed in the subject should exercise extreme care and be aware of the following five fatal mistakes:

Writing for Google

First and foremost, as it is human beings that will be reading your work and judging your website and business as a whole on its merit, who do you think you should be looking to please? Precisely, but instinct still tells so many to script everything with Google’s bots at the forefront of their minds instead of their actual readers. Sadly, this doesn’t bode well with Google and will also leave your readers decidedly unimpressed.

Faking an Interest

There will always be those that claim they can write on any subject like a pro, but they can’t. There’s a reason the best SEO service providers in the business employ large teams of writers from a variety of backgrounds – you cannot fake it when it comes to making content that converts. You will quickly be sniffed out as a fake trying to talk about something you’re not really interested in and while this might not be of much consequence to Google, chances are your reputation will be dragged through the mud as far as your readers are concerned.


You’re not expected to make the news as such, but there’s a big difference between reporting matters of interest on your website and regurgitating the work of others. If your site’s content ends up looking like a carbon copy of another firm’s, you not only stand to land yourself in trouble with your readers but potentially the law as well. Make it yours, give it your own personal flavor and put your own spin on it.

Putting Optimization First

While building a website, it’s important to weave in various SEO elements across the board from the very word go. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to content as to spend too much time thinking about SEO while writing any given piece means to inherently impact its purpose and quality. Always and under all circumstances write first with your readers in mind, then think about optimization.

Lack of Consistency

And finally, if you think you can devote one day every three months to writing thousands of words of content for your site, uploading it all at once and reaping the rewards, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s all about consistency and keeping things fresh on a day by day basis, so be sure you’ve got the time to commit to the cause or outsource the job to someone that has.


The Author

John Baron is a full-time content writer at iSolutions Medica Company. He’s a father to two lovely girls and an active member of PETA. John is an environmentalist and an advocate for animal rights.