For One Man, Knowing Data Is Just Not Satisfying Enough

He insists that despite his many eclectic activities, they all work together in a plan that will take many years to come to fruition.

For Flint McGlaughlin, focusing on data is just not enough. As the managing director of MECLABS, a company he founded in 1997, he runs one of the largest independent research institutions in the world. McGlaughlin has led the organization institution in developing micro-research labs with companies in North American and throughout Europe.

In addition to his Master’s Degree from the University of London, his Doctorate from Immanuel Seminary, and his position as the Director of Enterprise Research at Cambridge University (UK), he holds the patent to the testing formulas used by MECLABS to optimize response rates. What makes McGlaughlin different from most in his field is that he simply is not satisfied with the data in front of him. Instead, he has reached outside of his profession and into the film industry as a way to test his theories. One would hardly suspect an academic profession who directs a research lab to venture into the world of writing Hollywood screenplays, poetry, and film. However, for McGlaughlin, stepping outside of the box is where is able to improve his testing. McGlaughlin’s work in fiction is an attempt to express certain of his deeper philosophical insights in a more suitable form.

Speaking Group with Flint McGlaughlin, credit Wikipedia.

McGlaughlin has written and produced numerous screenplays that have been played on the big screen as well as major television networks such as ABC, NBC, and Fox. He started out in television in 1995 when he produced STAB, winner of the Best of Gannet Broadcasting Award in 1995. He then went on to produce SPYCOM, Through The Eyes of a Criminal, and Lovely Feet. Both Lovely Feet and SPYCOM earned him Telly Awards. One of McGlaughlin’s most notable accomplishments was that of co-executive producer for Danny Glover’s Extreme Courage. The 18 episode television series documented real people who have shown courage and bravery in moments of crisis. The show was honored with the 2000 TV Guide Editor’s Choice Award for being one of the top ten inspirational shows on television.

McGlaughlin has received numerous awards for his work with MECLABS, but has also received many more for his work in film. However, he will tell you that the awards are not as important as the research that he is able to do by being involved in the film industry. His career in television is tied to his research at MECLABS as he is always testing parts of his theory on offer response optimization. He insists that despite his many eclectic activities, they all work together in a plan that will take many years to come to fruition.

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