Four Great Countries For Holiday Home Buyers

Thanks to an extremely difficult economic recession, millions of us have been struggling to remain financially solvent in recent years. A number of influential experts have been taking about a slow but discernible recovery over the past few months, so it may be that the grey skies are about to start clearing, a possibility that spells good news for everyone.

The price of property has dropped dramatically because of the financial upheaval, and anyone who is fortunate enough to be able to afford a holiday home at the moment has a number of inexpensive locations to consider. There are some genuine bargains out there right now, so the biggest decision has to be in relation to which country will be chosen. Here are four options that are well worth considering.


Most holiday homes in Turkey are relatively new, thanks to a building boom in the early part of the current century. This is a particularly beautiful country which enjoys a spectacular climate, especially in the summer months, and the Turkish people are known among the tourist community to be friendly and welcoming to visitors. One drawback is that some developments suffer from occasional power shortages, and repairs to buildings, roads and communal areas are sometimes frustratingly slow.


A significant number of British people have invested in French holiday homes over the years, and even during the recession there was still a steady supply of buyers to keep the market afloat. Property in the south of the country, which is where the climate is at its finest, is likely to be substantially more expensive than in the north, but there are still plenty of good deals to be found in all parts of this beautiful, enigmatic nation.


The country that gave the package holiday to the world is still a popular destination for trippers and property buyers. The effects of the recession have made a dramatic difference to the price of vacation homes throughout the country, but the reduction in values shouldn’t disguise the fact that Spain represents an attractive option. The weather is generally extremely pleasant, and there is an infrastructure that has evolved over a number of decades that ensures owners of second homes have all the amenities they need.


If you like golf, sunbathing, heritage and a wonderfully relaxed pace of life, you should consider the Portuguese property market. This country has become increasingly popular with tourists from all over Europe in recent decades, and a significant number of them loved the place enough to make a substantial investment. Perhaps the most impressive region of all is the Algarve, which is located on the sun-kissed southern coast.

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David Showell lives in the UK and works for a car rental website.

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