Four Reasons Reusable Bottles Are The Perfect Promotional Product

Mar 12, 2013 by

We’ve all attended company events and promotional meet-and-greets where we’re bombarded with complimentary pens and ceramic mugs, all bearing the business logo. But a great alternative to the standard – and somewhat tired – promotional products is reusable water bottles. A surprisingly useful piece of merchandise, people will happily keep and continually reuse courtesy gifts such as water bottles long after you’ve wrapped up your firm’s event.

Here are four reasons personalized water bottles stand out amongst the rest as a popular and affordable way to market your business:

Environmentally sound: With people becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint, many are looking to ditch single-use plastic bottles for the more sustainable and fiscally responsible reusable bottle. This means that with every complimentary bottle, your company is not only giving customers a product that is socially aware; you are also showing your clientele that you care about what they are invested in personally. As an added bonus, you’re also giving customers something they truly want and can use – and when clients use products with your logo and business name imprinted upon them, they’re creating a greater pool of potential customers through word-of-mouth.

Advertising: You want people to see your company’s name, you want them to know about your services or products and you, quite obviously, hope they’ll become customers in the future. But how do you get people to recognize your logo and remember your name? It all boils down to advertising. And when customers who picked up a complimentary sports bottle at one of your events go out jogging, bottle in hand, they’re interacting with dozens of others who may also see your brand. It’s a win-win; the customer has a great gift and you’ve just accessed another pool of potential clientele.

Budget friendly: When you’re an up-and-coming business, it’s important to budget wisely; marketing is vital to a business, but it shouldn’t drain you dry. Sports bottles can run cheaper than a dollar per item, meaning that you can buy bottles in bulk without breaking the bank and get the most for your money. And when you’re still making a name for yourself, it’s important to make every cent invested count.

Variety: What if you’re not interested in a simple bike bottle, but want something a little more high-end? Not a problem – depending on your budget, you can get anything from a BPA-free treadmill bottle to a stainless steel or aluminum bottle, all available in various colors and styles. The broad range of available bottles means that you can customize your promotional products to best fit your company and your clientele.

When you consider the benefits of reusable bottles, there’s no reason to ever look back at the classic white ceramic mug.

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