How Social Media Approaches Influence B2B Marketing

The most important fact that you should consider while marketing your business is to have better sense of how to market your product or services to your visitors. But if you have to do it physically which means if you have to meet everyone for the purpose of marketing your products or services, then it is not possible unless it is less than 100 customers and even than it will be very difficult. However there is another good way of marketing your products where you can meet various customers at a time is to include social media. With social media you can get to know what your target customer is talking about, which things influences them most and what content  they are sharing? It is not about to interact one to one but it is about to walk through a party who is paying attention to your products or services.

How To Tap Social Media Insights To Influence Your B2B Marketing

1.       Build High Quality Social Channels

Make high quality social channels which are full of prospects and customers. Many B2B marketers don’t have idea of building quality social channels. They focus on quantity instead of quality. In this way they won’t be able to stack up their social channels.  Talk to your followers or fans and try to determine how many of them are excited to talk about you.

2.       Get Your Target Customers And Prospects On Social Media

Your target customers can be anywhere like they can be on LinkedIn, they are reading other industry blogs, they are tweeting etc. So it’s your responsibility to find out your target customers. Get their location and be there too. For example, start with LinkedIn and join the group which your target customers and top prospects have already joined. It will help you to come into focus of your target audience.

3.       Listen To Your Customers And Prospects

Start paying attention to social conversation. Track what your prospects and customers are talking about on social channels. Notice which industry blog is getting more comments and about which the comments are. Try to figure out what questions are your prospects and customers asking, which post is most of the time shared etc.

4.     Discover The Location To Promote Your Brand

Find out which online publications are doing great job in terms of generating content which your target customers actively likes, mentions, shares and comments on. For this you might have to consider paid advertising and submission of articles.

5.       Make Your Competitive Insights

Always keep in mind that your purchasers can also follow, share and engage with your competitors. In addition, your competitors are registered in various social sites like linkedIn, twitter etc. Thus it is essential for you to follow up them and get their social media insight what they are up to.

With time your social insights will start to emerge. Now it’s your turn to use social media insights to put in the picture marketing efforts. These ways can tap social media insights which in turn influence your B2B marketing.

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