How To Go Green And Save Your Business Money

Why Go Green?

There are several things that people are doing every day that are endangering the environment. The good news is that going green can help protect the environment. Going green will also help your business save money. Below are some tips that will help your business go green:

Use Post-consumer Waste

You should use post-consumer waste, or PCW, paper, packaging and paper products. You should try to avoid using paper as much as possible. When you do use paper, you need to make sure that it is the eco-friendly kind. You also want to make sure that the products you purchase are labeled 100 percent PCW. It takes 45 percent less energy to produce PCW paper.

Switch To Biodegradable Cleaners

Regular cleaners are filled with chemicals that can harm the environment. That is why you should switch to biodegradable cleaners. There are a number of stores that have great deals on cleaners.

Use Green Beauty Products

The beauty products that you use could have ingredients in them that harm the environment. Green beauty products typically cost about the same as the regular beauty products.

Use CFL Bulbs or LED Lights

CFL Bulbs and LED lights cost more initially, but they last much longer. Over time, this can help your business save a lot of money. This is also much better for the environment.

Use Green Appliances

If you have appliances in your building that are outdated, then you should replace them with green appliances. You should check for a yellow tag on an appliance before you purchase it.

Make Simple Adjustments Around Your Office Or Home

If you seal the leaks and cracks in your home, then you can save 20 percent on cooling and heating bills. There are some states that will perform energy audits for free. They may even do some of the repairs for free.

Use Alternative Energy to Power Your Office

In many places in the United States, you can sign up for green power with the company that provides your utilities. Renewable energy sources, such as plant matter, solar power and hydropower, are used to produce green power. It is important to note that this will increase your electric bill slightly. You may also want to consider using a 48V switching supply in your office.

Use Public Transportation

You can reduce environmental pollution by taking public transportation. You can also use a bike or drive a hybrid vehicle.

Buy Used Items

In addition to recycling, you should also consider purchasing used items for your office instead of new ones. Just because something is used does not mean that is lesser quality. You can find barely used furniture on websites, such as Craigslist or eBay.

Use Green Web Hosting

Green web hosts are companies that participate in a variety of energy-saving activities, such as planting trees, using renewable energy and purchasing carbon offsets. The majority of green companies cost about the same as businesses that use fossil fuels to run servers.

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