How To Use Social Media To Grow A Fashion Brand

Whether you are a new designer who has a handful of pieces that you want to show to the world or a new retail company looking to grow your business, the power of social media in the fashion world can be immense.

How else would you introduce yourself to the fashion world?

You could always crash London Fashion Week; if the risk of arrest and being on a permanent industry blacklist doesn’t worry you do much.

Back in the real world, newcomers in all industries, not just fashion, are realizing that social media is their biggest tool for hitting the road to success. How can designers, retail stores, fashion critics, and anyone else in the industry make a splash by going social?

Choose the Right Platform

‘Going social’ sounds awfully flashy and exciting, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

Part of the problem is that many will insist on using Twitter or Facebook, when actually Instagram or Pinterest, for example, is their best chance of building a following and being noticed.

How do you know which one you should choose? It depends on your role within the world of fashion as well as what you are hoping to achieve.

  • · Designers need a visual platform, so something photo based (Pinterest, Instagram) as your primary platform is a good idea, and then use these to push through to the others.
  • · A fashion commentator would be best using Twitter or Facebook, as well as hosting a blog with WordPress or another popular platform.
  • · The retail store would use a combination, but needs to focus on their main website before looking at social media.

Once you know where you can best make your mark, you can start to move forward.

Who to Follow

Any ‘influencers’ in the industry should be your first port of call. This is especially important if you are introducing something new to the diverse world of fashion, these people will want to see what you have done and what you are all about.

Search out critics and those voices that have been saying “wouldn’t it be great if we had this” for many months and years, and show them that you have filled the gap.

How to Engage

This is where most social media campaigns are found wanting. Engagement in general is the problem, not just how we respond to people who talk to us.

Follow these rules.

  • · If you need to use a software such as Hootsuite, fine, but ensure you aren’t sharing links this way as you’ll end up sharing things that are outdated and irrelevant.
  • · Don’t allow a software package to make up any more than 50% of a campaign. People want to hear from you.
  • · Even when you make it big, never be an overbearing voice. However popular you are, never believe your own voice is gospel.
  • · Reply to everyone when you start out, even if it is a few days later. As you grow, regularly post updates such as “Thank you for all the great questions and ideas, sorry I cannot respond personally to each,” and you’ll keep people onside.

You are now ready to use social media to grow your brand, even if you end up outside of the fashion industry, you will find these tips helpful.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Aisha Malik is an online fashion writer with an interest in how social media is used to push niche fashion garments, such as the jilbab and abaya, both popular items of Islamic clothing.[/author_info] [/author]