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Internet and Computer Monitoring Software for Honest and Safe Usage

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Organizations have an obvious reason for installing Internet monitoring software, which is to keep track of internet usage by their staff. When the number of employee is high, it becomes difficult for the management to catch the people who often misuse office internet. This software acts like an automatic virtual supervisor that constantly checks in the employees are working.

It helps them to calculate their daily performance. It also safeguards critical company data, and prevents the information from being transferred to outside the company network. You cannot let your critical business information reach the wrong hands, especially your competitors.

With this software, you can block the user from visiting social networking sites, gambling websites, or pornographic sites. The employee’s daily work can be scrutinized, and his/her performance caliber can be evaluated.

Even parents use such software to prevent their children from visiting any unwanted websites.  Although internet gives children the exposure to educational information, there also are plenty of unsafe sites as well.

These types of monitoring applications helps parents know about what their children are doing on the net. Such tools also come with the features of blocking certain websites, especially the adult’s related websites. Post installing this software, parents get to know about what sites their young ones visit frequently. It allows them to ban certain sites, which are not meant for juvenile viewership.

Tracking aspects includes the recording of sites browsed, duration, and regularity of use. It can track the time the users spend on playing games, watching videos, or participating in non-productive activities, which may create distractions in their child’s schoolwork.

Few Effective Categories are:

Monitoring – All online searches and website visits are recorded by this type of application. It detects the fair and unfair usage of the internet. It can capture passwords, usernames, and even blog posts. It records the sent and received messages, tracking file downloads, e-mail attachments, web-based e-mails, etc.

Blocking and control – monitoring software has filtering or/and blocking abilities. Such features can prohibit the users from accessing online gambling and other such websites.

You can jam and filter the sites using phrases, keywords, and categories. Parents can blacklist instant message communication and chatting. In addition, monitoring aspects includes the prevention of downloading, installing of illegally acquired software, and music.

Instant Reporting – Reporting system is simple, and has a user friendly interface. It is can be fed with keyword alerts that notify the parents or administrators.

Customer Support system – It is certainly a good idea to select inexpensive an efficient software. You can download the trial demo version from the internet for thirty days and use it.  By doing that, you will identify the pros and cons related to this application. The customer support system can also help you with any clarifications that you need. It is always a wise idea to buy software from a trustworthy company that offers best servicers to their customers.

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