Jobs With A Culinary Degree

Many people are looking to attend college in order to better their future job prospects and maybe you do too? But like so many others, you might feel bored with the normal liberal arts and science degrees. Maybe you have a different passion such as cooking? If so then why not earn a degree in culinary arts? You would be doing something you love after all.

A degree in culinary arts is more versatile then you think it is and it can open up numerous opportunities for you when you graduate.  As we will see it isn’t just cooking or working in restaurants either, as skills you gain can be used in several different fields. Here are some options.

Restaurant Reviewer

A university degree in culinary arts opens up the door for you to possibly be a restaurant reviewer. This could arguably be a dream job as your entire day is spent trying different restaurants and writing about it. You might want a good exercise plan though.  A culinary degree teaches you know how meals are supposed to be cooked, what kind of texture they are supposed to have and what kind of food and drinks pair well together. You will need some writing and communication skills so you might want to take a writing or communication class as well. These jobs can be for a newspaper, website or even your own outlet.

Catering Company

A catering company offers a unique and different experience. Rather than work at the same place every day you would be traveling around to different places and catering a whole range of events from weddings, to video shoots to retirement parties and corporate parties. You could work for a professional catering company but you could even start out on your own! You could start small and specialize in just pastries with a couple of employees or aim big and go for a full meal. It is recommended you get some experience working for somebody else before you start your own.


While not the most direct route to a job as a dietitian a culinary degree from an accredited web based university can open doors for you in this field as well.  Your knowledge of fat, calories and how foods interact can aid you as nutritionist.  As a trained chef you can even get hired to create and cook custom healthy meals for specific individuals. You could even get hired out by a specific family.  You would help people lose weight but also manage any medical conditions requiring a specific diet.

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