Kids Get Involved In Shopping For Trendy Clothing

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In recent years, children’s clothing trends have begun to mimic those of adults.  Why this sudden switch in gears?  Retailers have begun to realize that this age group is a target market that often accounts for a huge percentage of profits.

Girls’ Clothing

Little girls want to dress like the fashion models and celebrities that they see on TV and in the movies.  The latest fashion trends are often the subject at slumber parties and school lunchrooms all across the nation.  Many times, your social status is a direct result of the labels you choose to wear each day.  As unfair as that seems, adults are really to blame.  There are many magazines that cater to this very subject.  It’s no wonder that little girls are following in the footsteps of their moms.

Current trends in fashion for girl’s clothing include:

  • Winter white
  • layering
  • Floral patterns
  • Bright colors
  • Denim, pima cotton, and poplin

Of course, these are just a few examples.

Fashion industry and Its Effect on Kids

These days, kids are getting more involved in choosing their own outfits.  Unfortunately, many parents have handed over this awesome responsibility way before the child is ready to make informed decisions.  More and more, kids are choosing expensive, trendy clothes to keep up with what they see in the media.  As soon as they walk into the department stores, they are surrounded by tempting displays and child-sized mannequins dressed in the latest fashions.  How can they resist?  Oftentimes, these excursions to the local malls end up in temper tantrums in the aisle when a parent refuses to purchase a particular item.  The fact that kids have become so interested in what they wear is not a bad thing, as long as parents get a handle on the situation.

The Cost of Childrens’ Clothing

Quite frankly, the cost of children’s’ clothes has decreased in recent years.  As more labels need to compete with one another for business, they have had to respond by lowering their prices.  This is to the benefit of the many families that have to constantly deal with their kids outgrowing their clothes.  Imported clothing lines and discounted clothing stores have also helped to lower the cost of purchasing clothing for kids.  Another concept that seems to be coming increasingly popular is the consignment store.  This is a wonderful way to sell gently-used items at discounted prices and then actually make a few dollars on those items.  Since you are shopping for used items, naturally the prices will be lower.  Consignment shops only accept clothing in perfect condition, so this is truly a great option to help you save money.

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