Looking At Real Estate In New Jersey?

If you’ve considered moving to New Jersey, you should realize that Hoboken real estate is at its prime. With the recovering housing economy and plenty of reasons to live in the upscale area, you’ll find yourself in your own slice of heaven, with tons of attractions and activities to welcome you to the city.

Located in a scenic area that overlooks the Hudson River, you have a prime view of the New York skyline from almost anywhere in Hoboken. On top of that, you have access to the Hudson River Waterfront, an open trail where you can keep up with your workout by walking or jogging right along the border between New Jersey and the Big Apple.

Things to do there

If you love the night life and don’t care for velvet ropes that keep you out of swanky clubs, standing in line all night, check out some of the great options in Hoboken. You can find everything from a casual vibe to a downtown pulse, as well as salsa-Latin clubs in the area that are sure to sate your need for dancing and having a drink with new friends and neighbors.

If you like to shop, you’ve come to the right place. Get all the fashion-forward boutiques as well as chain retail stores that carry the latest trends straight from New York designers, as well as international name brands. You can also find lots of culture in the area. There are tons of places where you can find all sorts of fun decor for your new home to reflect your interests.

For all the Sinatra fans out there, you can’t get closer to Old Blue Eyes than Hoboken real estate. The famous – or infamous – crooner has his own walking tour, courtesy of the Hoboken Historical Museum, so you can seek out the location where his home used to stand as well as the shrine built to the singer.

On top of all that, if you are a fan of Italian food and culture, you’ll find an atmosphere that is resonant of the old ways, making Hoboken rich in Italian culture and the food utterly delectable. In fact, Carlo’s Bake Shop, featured on TLC’s Cake Boss, is located in Hoboken with amazing desserts to complete any meal.

Moving to New Jersey may be a big step for you, but that doesn’t mean you have to be concerned about moving to your new home. You can find tons of entertainment, excitement, and overall adventure within the city, and you’ll find yourself getting acquainted to the new digs in no time! New Jersey has tons of Hoboken real estate to offer, all you have to do is go check it out.

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