Sterilization in the Medical Field – Infographic

In the medical field, using items and instruments that are sterilized is mandatory in order to fight the spread of germs and bacteria when working with patients. Sterilization safeguards an object or surface from bacteria and keeps surgical instruments free of microbial life. While a low level of contamination is likely not a problem, having tools that are extremely clean is necessary in order to prevent infections during treatment. There are four main types of sterilization used nowadays: high temperature/high pressure, chemical, ultraviolet light and gas chemical sterilization. Each have their own unique benefits that make them viable options and many of the instruments used in the medical field may require that a certain method be followed for sterilization. In addition, data loggers are used in order to monitor, record and validate sterilization cycles so that no detail is overlooked. Take a look at the following infographic to learn more about the types and history of sterilization.


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