The World’s Most Recognizable Brands

A recently released report suggests the top 10 most recognizable brands in the world have two things in common.

First, they are all American-based companies.

Secondly – and maybe more importantly to the companies represented – they are all reportedly worth at least $80 billion.

Technology companies lead the pack with the top four spots belonging to them. Out in front is Apple, Inc. The software giant and maker of the popular iPhone is worth nearly $247 billion. This marks the second time in three years the corporation has led the list.

Google, last year’s top company, slipped to second place this year. Worth a reported $173 billion, the well-known search engine company experienced a 9% growth in value over the previous year.

Google has been one of the most recognizable brands in the world for years.

Google has been one of the most recognizable brands in the world for years.

Microsoft leapfrogged IBM in this year’s rankings to come in third place on the list. At $115 billion, Microsoft grew 28% in value from last year while IBM – at $94 billion – lost 13% of value since the 2014 rankings were published.

Visa is the highest-ranking company not in the technology field, although advances in technology have certainly benefitted the company. At nearly $92 billion in reported worth, the payments company ranked number five on the list.

Below is a complete list of the top 10 companies as well as their reported value:

Company Name (Worth in Billions)

  1. Apple ($247.99)
  2. Google ($173.65)
  3. Microsoft ($115.50)
  4. IBM ($93.99)
  5. Visa ($91.96)
  6. AT&T ($89.49)
  7. Verizon ($86.01)
  8. Coca-Cola ($83.84)
  9. McDonald’s ($81.16)
  10. Marlboro ($80.35)

Since 2006, WPP and Millward Brown generate an annual BrandZ report, a list of the top global brands. It’s generated by not only financial information, but it also takes into account consumer research conducted by the company. Reportedly, their research covers 3 million consumers in more than 50 markets and is conducted on over 100,000 brands.

This year’s rankings celebrated their 10th anniversary of publishing the list by naming the top 100 global brands. These companies are reportedly worth over $3.3 trillion.

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