New Retail App DoneGood to Highlight Social Responsibility

The official logo of DoneGood.

The official logo of DoneGood.

Call it a retail/review/crowdsourced app. Launched on August 17, 2015, DoneGood looks to fill the need for shoppers to know more about a location’s social responsibility. Founded by Cullen Schwarz and Scott Jacobsen, the app is initially available for iOS and hopes to inform consumers about their favorite location.

The idea for the app came from Jacobsen when he lived in Washington D.C. In an interview with Beta Boston, he stated that one of his favorite delis used to serve food in recycled containers, yet did not have a trash bin to recycle plastic. Jacobsen said he began shopping elsewhere after the owner failed to implement a recycle system, despite being requested to do so multiple times.

The app has yet to receive outside funding and plans to generate revenue by allowing retailers to advertise on the site. It was originally part of Harvard Innovation Lab, and crowdsources information that is already available online as opposed to accumulating reviews, separating it from competitors such as Yelp and OpenTable.

Those who want to do business with socially responsible businesses will enjoy this app. It compiles information about a business’ impact on the environment, employment policies, and product sourcing. The result is connection people with businesses that are in line with a customer’s social expectations.

DoneGood is available in the App Store for iOS.

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