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Trying to find an apartment is not always the simplest process. If you are looking to buy, there are a number of quality websites and print magazines that detail all of the features you are looking for an even offer you pricing calculators related services (e.g., moving trucks, insurance). “I couldn’t believe how difficult it was,” recalls Matthew Turgeon, founder of Rhino Media Group. “I initially looked through dozens of print ads and almost gave up prior to going to the internet. It was an even bigger disappointment when I tried to search online.”

What Turgeon found out is that although there are plenty of sites that show listings of homes for sale, there were very few that were available to renters. He also saw that although he would find a potential place to rent on one website, the website did not detail certain things he was looking for. He found himself looking at numerous websites trying to match up the information about each property. He also found that while some websites listed a property, others did not, making it more difficult for a potential renter to decide which property to rent. has made it easier for people moving to or within Quebec.

Although Turgeon was discouraged with finding a place to rent, he was motivated to create something new and improved to assist both renters and landlords. That is when Rhino Media Group was formed. Offering published rental listings in Canada and websites with online listings in both Canada and the United States, the company has become a focal point for other rental websites to follow.

It is difficult to build a niche company anymore, especially with so many people offering the same product and/or service. That is where Turgeon decided to be different. Unlike many other rental websites and publications, the company has diversified itself by offering services to landlords like gift baskets for people who initially move into a property and only charging when a property is rented, not listed (U.S. only). They also go a little farther for renters by posting market surveys, videos of properties (not just photos), and mystery shopping of potential properties (an unheard of in the housing rental industry).

“What we do is offer the most comprehensive toolset available,” says Turgeon. After reviewing other similar sites, he is right. The company offers two Websites, (Canada and U.S.) and (Quebec, Canada only), each with bilingual sister sites. You simply go to the website, click on the location, and see results. They also offer the ability to narrow your search or look for specific criteria in a rental. From videos, to mystery shopping, it is clear that Turgeon has built a niche that other sites will struggle to duplicate.

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