Spa At Home – How To Transform Your Bathroom For Pampering

Everybody needs time for pampering, but often there is no time to go to the spa. If you find it hard to find time to head to the spa, make your bathroom your spa at home. Read on below to find out how to transform your own bath into something that resembles a spa.

Light Up with Candles

The easiest thing you can do for your bathroom to have a spa-like ambiance is add candles. Anyone who has ever been to a spa knows that candles are a staple. Candlelight may not seem like much, but it does contribute to the relaxing atmosphere that spas are known for. Regardless of the bathroom size, the glow of candles always works some magic to the space. Therefore, don’t just bring candles in your bathroom—light them up.

Opt for Orchid

Just like candles, plants make for wonderful additions to the bathroom. There are plenty of plants that are ideal for bathrooms. These include Chinese evergreen, spider plant, bromeliad, snake plant, Boston fern, African violets and aloe vera. While these are great, they do not add a spa-like feel the way orchids do. So if you want your bathroom to feel like the best place to unwind, choose an orchid. What’s great about orchids is that they are inexpensive and can last for a long time.

Keep Things Tidy

Unless you haven’t noticed, there is no such as thing as clutter in spas. If there was clutter, you would definitely notice. In spas, everything is clean and organized. Towels are neatly rolled, and products used for pampering are kept out of sight. Take a page from the spa style book and make your bathroom as tidy as possible. You need not even roll your towels—folding them properly and keep them in a neat stack will do. If possible, keep your bath products out of sight; if not, at least store them in nice containers.

Bring In Natural Light

Almost all spas incorporate clear glass into their design, including their windows. The glass allows enough natural light to get in, which is why spaces look so open and spacious. If you want your bathroom to feel like a home spa, consider changing your windows to have more light in. If you are going to invest in glass windows for your bathroom, make sure to get the kind that allows you to enjoy more light without opening up your bathroom to people looking from the outside.

Choose White

What is the color of the towels, robes and slippers found in spas? White. Getting the aforementioned all in white color is very much recommended for the spa theme you are going for. If having white towels is not your thing or is not a very practical choice for you, get towels of the same color of your choice.

Suggestions for Remodeling

If you want a spa at home and are planning to remodel your bathroom, you may go beyond the aforementioned suggestions. Use natural materials like stone or wood when putting together your bathroom. Wood accents help provide a relaxing atmosphere because of its Asian appeal. You can also opt for white tiles from floor to ceiling. If you want something different, get pebbled tiles for flooring.

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