Success Often Starts With Failure – [Infographic]

Everyone wants to be successful. But clearly, merely wanting is not enough. Some people have enough drive to try but for some reason, plans just don’t pan out. But worst of all, most people don’t become successful because they just don’t try—they are too afraid of failure. Hey, it’s normal to fear failure. We’re all averse to making mistakes especially because when it comes to our dreams, the risks are higher. But the thing is you just can’t have success without failure. No one becomes successful overnight. Just take a look at these famous personalities in the following infographic. They actually had to go through several failures and rejections. But even a thousand mistakes could not stop them. And that’s why they are who they are now. So read on and be inspired by this infographic from MBA Requirements


About the Author – This infographic was created by Anne Blair an aspiring MBA student who believes this degree will help her to succeed. She can’t afford paying an expensive tuition. Therefore she started a blog with reviews of affordable MBA programs. Anne’s dream is working for an innovative start-up.

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