Taco Bell Delivery Thanks to DoorDash

Got a craving for Mexican but don’t want to drive out to get it?

If you live in a few select cities, you’re in luck thanks to Taco Bell’s new delivery service.

Powered by DoorDash – an online company offering on-demand delivery – Taco Bell announced their latest trial project in July. At first, the service is only being offered at 200 restaurants around the Los Angeles, Dallas, Orange County and San Francisco Bay areas. Depending upon the results of the trial, more areas are planned for inclusion for this service in the future.

To take advantage of Taco Bell’s new delivery option, customers must go to DoorDash’s website or app and place their order. By partnering with DoorDash, Taco Bell is tapping into the delivery service’s existing clientele base, which is predominantly Millennials.

Not only is Taco Bell reaching a younger audience, they are reaching an audience that already is accustomed to ordering food through online portals – from apps like Grubhub to pizza apps such as Domino’s. Taco Bell is also reaching a segment of that audience with less available time to spend cook (young families) through a trusted source.

Taco Bell isn’t the only restaurant in the fast-food or casual dining sector of the food industry experimenting with delivery. Other restaurants, such as Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and Chipotle are offering select some services in hopes of growing their business. As restaurants see success with this service, fast-food delivery may expand to other areas throughout the country.

Expect fast-food restaurants to look at successful practices in the pizza industry. With online ordering made easy and excellent methods of keeping the food warm, pizza delivery restaurants have the art of delivery down to a science. Fast food restaurants, before moving forward on a large scale with delivery, will need to consider how their packaging can better insulate their products.

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