The Best Allergy-Friendly Hotels and Travel Destinations [Infographic]

Spring travel season is here! Unfortunately though, spring travel season and spring allergies usually go hand-in-hand. If you’re prone to spring allergies or hayfever, you’re well-aware that going on trip during April or May can often become an itchy, sneezy, miserable affair. Thankfully though, some hotel chains are making substantial efforts to provide “allergy-friendly” accommodations for allergic travelers.

Recently, a study was conducted to find out which hotel chains and U.S. travel destinations were truly offering their guests a healthier breathing environment. The results of the study have been published as an infographic, and it shows that some hotel chains and U.S. cities are doing a far-better job than others. The infographic also contains tips about which allergens to watch out for when choosing a place to stay, and it shows aggregate ratings for both the availability of allergy-friendly hotel rooms, and the overall air quality in each of the major hotels that were tested.

Use the information wisely and minimize your risk of an allergy attack on your next trip!

Infographic created by Sylvane. Check out the original Allergic Traveler’s Companion Guide.

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