The New Patent War – Samsung vs. Apple

Samsung and Apple – two of the technology’s biggest names of today.  They have been at war for many years now and to be honest, it is getting tiring.  However, it does seem that more and more people are taking sides in the war between the two companies.  Many believe that one is better than the other and others just believe that both are great and have a mixture of both companies’ devices.

The trouble is there is a new war – a patent war that is raging between the two companies.  They are trying to outdo one another in technology and become the top seller of technology and devices but right now it does seem that everyone is struggling to really understand which company is the best.  No one really knows which company is the best but what are some of the devices they offer?

  • The Samsung Galaxy S III
  • The Apple iPad
  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • The Apple iPod

The list could go on and on and to be honest, there are just too many devices to list and each of them are great in their own way.  Many devices are popular and Samsung and Apple are both two of the biggest names of the technology world but the war between Samsung and Apple are going to be raging on forever – it has been like this for so long and it will continue.

Why Has The War Started?

The truth is that the war between the two companies has started up simply because they have created amazing devices.  They have and they want to become the best company for providing the most advanced technology and devices the world has seen.  However, there are still so many questions over which company is the best?

Which Is The Best?

The trouble is everyone has a different answer for this.  Many believe that Apple is the best in technology and others who argue that Samsung is the best in technology.  The trouble is that no one really knows which company is the best; they both have so many amazing devices and many people love to use both of the company’s devices.

Choosing the best is always going to be a challenge and knowing when the technology war is going to be over may never come.  This is why many can’t decide which company is the best and which devices they should use.

Unanswered Questions

The trouble is that there are just so many unanswered questions when it comes to the two companies.  Many believe they are just being unreasonable and many believe that the companies are trying to up their game and get more publicity.  However, there are always going to be unanswered questions when it comes to choosing between the great Samsung and the great apple – both companies are amazing.  They are but this war is going to continue; it’s strange, it has been slow of late and it seems that the two are waiting for the other to make their money.

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