The True Cost Of Work Related Injuries – Infographic

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When an employee gets injured at work its not big deal right? Wrong. Work related injuries have massive consequences to the employee, his or her family, the employer, and society as a whole. This infopgraphic shows the relationship between injury and hardship, and also visually shows which occupations have the highest rates of on the job injury. Do you know which occupations are risky? There are the ones you might image: lumberjacks, construction workers, miners…  Then there are a few that might be surprising: taxi drivers, truck drivers, and office workers. This infopgraphic will shed light on what happens when someone gets injured on the job. From income loss by the employee, to producvity and profit loss by the employer, work injuries have trememdous costs. When you understand these many costs you realize how important it is to eliminate or certainly reduce these accidents. Through prevention, society and the economy will both benefit.

Cost of Work Related Injuries Infographic

About the Author – This infographic was produced by the safety training team at and is part of the employer education program on workplace injuries.

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