Top 5 Most Dangerous US Cities

Our economy is bad, some of our politicians’ waste time and refuse to work together, too many hard working Americans are out of work and getting desperate. Read those words and it is easy to predict where the five most dangerous cities in America are located.

Detroit, Michigan

Poor Detroit, it has led the nation as the most dangerous city for more than five years. In some parts of Detroit people are afraid to go out of their homes and apartments when the sun is not shining. Invasive break-ins and worse are twelve times higher in Detroit than in any other city. Sales of home security systems are said to be the only reason that any people still living in Detroit.

The inside of an abandoned Packard factory in Detroit, Michigan. For the last five years, Detroit has taken the top sport for the most dangerous city in America.

Flint, Michigan

Evidence of a blighted area, just a few miles away from Detroit is the second most dangerous city in America. Flint is a city where the population has declined by eighty percent since the beginning of the 1960s decade. Those that remain depend on home security systems to keep their families directly connected to local police authorities.

What once was a thriving city, Flint is now a poster child for blight, attracting drug and gang activity.

Atlanta, Georgia

This magnificent city looks on the outside as if it is booming. And booming it is, if you check the statistics on numbers of home security system installations. The overall crime rate in the Peach State capitol is more than 5.25 times the national average. In Atlanta, home break-ins lead the way, which explains the sales of security systems and devices in homes and in automobiles.

The Atlanta Police Department has its work cut out for it with a crime rate more than 5 times the national average.

Orlando, Florida

The magical world of Disney may be near by, but in Orlando home robberies are on the rise. The statistic that stands out in Orlando is the number of crimes per square mile. Orlando beats the national crime per square mile average by three hundred percent. The city is fighting back, with security television systems being installed all over the city. The city also recommends that residents join the fight by making sure they have a home or personal security system install as soon as possible.

Graffiti in the city of Orlando (Florida) is evidence of the rise in gang activity within the city.

Birmingham, Alabama

A paradox exists in Alabama, a state with a low national ranking for crime. Most of the crime in Alabama must happen in Birmingham to tweak statistics in such a manner. While the state’s violent crime rating is below the national average, the city of Birmingham ranks very high for home property crimes and rape committed in the homes of victims. Public service messages advise citizens to make sure their homes are protected by effective home security systems.

Property crimes in Birmingham are through the roof.

How safe is your home and property? Will your family be safe, if you are out of town, or late coming home? Why take the risk, investigate your home security system alternatives now. Be part of the solution to serious crime, stop criminals before they get into your home.

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