Top 7 Things To Be Aware Of When Choosing CRM Software

CRM software creates a technological solution for measuring communications between customers and the companies they buy from.  The tradition of looking after customers goes back hundreds of years, but it is only since the advent of the computer that companies have been able to measure the data behind the interactions in any kind of depth. Here are seven factors to consider when picking a CRM software package which will work for your company.

1.       Have technological know-how to back up your purchase

Don’t consider buying an all singing all dancing CRM software package without ensuring you have either in house support or outside consultancy to keep it going when issues arise.  There will be a number of hiccups before it runs just how you want it, but without the technicians on site or at the end of the phone, the package will end up costing you a lot more time and money than you first anticipated.

2.       Listen to your workforce

Before installing your CRM software, do your research into what the system actually needs to do.  Employees from the shop floor upwards will often have valuable contributions to make to the discussion, especially if they deal with customers on a daily basis and have to deal with repeated challenges which up to now may never have been properly resolved.

3.       Know the data you need to collect

Above all, the data you collect using your CRM software has to be useful and it needs to make money for the company, or you are investing your hard earned profits for no return.  If you are running a store, work out what you need to know about your customers in order to get them to buy more from your shelves, for instance.

4.       Understand how marketing channels will integrate with CRM

Think about how your brand can be promoted, by the reports produced via your CRM software.  What resources will you need in order to make best use of the information you collect for promotional campaigns, and how will the success of the marketing campaign be supported by outstanding inbound services to customers?

5.       Plan how youBusiness Notes are going to use the information generated on trends and forecasts

Your CRM software will be invaluable in helping the company predict the future buying preferences of customers. Your teams need to be clear on what they will do with the information and how it will inform the future direction of the company, for example in terms of diversification.

6.       Measure the success of sales, offers, special events and product launches

Software CRM is an excellent means of measuring the impact of one off promotions and also series of campaigns which may be linked to each other and build on the success of previous efforts.  The lessons learned from each event can be applied to the next one, making it more targeted and focused.

7.       Track your internet exposure including social media platforms

It has never been easier to keep an eye on what people are saying about your products or services using the features in the best CRM software, and this can produce major benefits for companies expanding their presence online.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Carter Pelley works for one of the leading providers of CRM software (in Poland we use the term programy CRM) in Europe and has over 5 years of experience.[/author_info] [/author]

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