Top Android Games for Your Little Champions

If you are searching for some of the best android games, you could stop your search here. Hundreds and thousands of apps have been introduced for the entertainment of the kids.


This game is designed for the kids aged less than five years. It is one of the best ways to make them learn the names of different animals, plants and other things. It is quite a basic application with easy to learn rules. Your kids will not face any kind of difficultly while running this gaming app.


Homework is designed for elderly kids. It is introduced with an aim to develop a child’s brain. You could install it from the app store free of cost. You could schedule your homework and tests by using this application.

It allows you to:

– Time management
– Make timetables
– Revision tests
– Set different reminders

Famigo Sandbox:

Famigo sandbox is ruling the android world these days. It a safe and easy to play game, for kids. It has received the certificate of safe apps for kids. This child specific software has received food ratings from the users.

iStoryBooks – New Ways Of Teaching

iStoryBooks with great audio, visuals, picture and much more is perfect for your loved ones. This app is available in different languages for your kids. It is a good way of teaching. Some of the I-stories are Cinderella and Alice in the wonderland. Eleven free iBooks are included in this application.

Ant Smasher:

You could install Ant Smasher for your kids. You need to smash several ants with your fingers to win the game. It is accompanied with amazing soundtrack and graphics. So give your kids a new source of entertainment and get started.

How to Make Them Learn Math Better:

To make your kids mathematics champion, you could download up to 10 different applications. It is a good learning source. Some of their features are:

– Anthropomorphized characters
– Bright colors
– Careful enunciation, and much more

Kids Numbers and Math Lite:

It is another amazing application designed for your kids. Download this application and play with numbers. Your kids of age 4 years and below could easily learn numbers through this software. To install it, you will be charged as less as $0.99. Now, learning is fun with these software applications.

Steamy Windows:

You might have heard the name of Steamy Windows. It will surely keep your kids busy for hours. The game has received good ratings from the users.

Many other games like Classic Simon, How to make paper airplanes, and Harbor master have been designed for little Android users.

What to Do Before Choosing Android Games

Before downloading the game of your choice, you could have a look at the customer reviews and ratings. Judge a game on several parameters like you creativity, innovation, intelligence, graphics, sound, and much more. Also check out the screenshots to see if you like the user interface.

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