Turn Your Log Home Plans Dreams Into Reality!

There is a saying ‘home is where the heart is.’ If you have always dreamed of living in a rustic, frontier style home, with a fire going in the hearth then you need your very own log home plans.

Your log home plans could be your very own home away from home. The hustle and bustle of everyday life leaves people with no time to spend on either them or their families. The 9 to 5 job routine has become a myth, with everyone increasingly connected with their laptops, smart phones and tablets, going home and having a ‘balanced work-life balance’ is an idea that is much touted but has become extinct. What you need to do to get away from it all is your very own log home plans.

Imagine the old worldly charm of living in old Colonial America; early homesteaders in North America created homes by cutting timber with nothing more than an axe. These log homes were nothing more than one room cabins, 10 feet wide. The difference between today’s log cabins with that of 18 century settlers is that these cabins have all the luxuries and amenities of the modern era as well as the charm and simplicity of the 18th century that early settlers had to experience.

Today log home plans include easy to use Do-It-Yourself kits that make building log home cabins easier to put up. Not only are log cabins isolated and comfortable but they are also made to be rainproof, sturdy and inexpensive.

The Swedish settlers in the 1600s brought the customs and the knowhow of building log home cabins from Europe. However, it took nearly 250 years for a definite law by the government to standardize log home plans throughout the country. In 1862, Homestead Act was introduced that put in a minimum size of the log home plans to at least ten by twelve feet and having one glass window.

Deciding on building your very own log home plans you need to understand that there are many different varieties of wood and styles that can be used to build a log home cabin. Even the shape of the logs can be different depending on the style that you want. Some of the most common are handcrafted logs, milled logs, D-logs, round logs, etc. To make matters more confusing there are different corner styles. However, these styles are based on personal preference and do not affect the structural integrity of the cabin.

If you have finally decided to own a log home than it is always a good idea to gather more information and visit existing cabins, to see the type of style, select the preference and attend log shows to get information, to learn as much as you can, before you make your final decision.

Some considerations that tend to make great living in log home cabins are that they are very environmental friendly, no man-made materials are used, wood used in log home cabins have inherent insulation capabilities, wood is a renewable source and that the whole tree is utilized for building log cabins – nothing is wasted.

One additional aspect of log home cabins are that there are no nails used to keep the logs in place, instead large pegs or wooden trunnels are used to fasten timbers together and to keep the frames of doors and windows from falling apart. An interesting tidbit that you will come across in your log home plans research is that the Kremlin in Moscow, the Russian seat of government, is actually a log building built under all the stucco.

With log home plan companies going main stream, there are many manufacturers of log home plan kits. There are different log home plans specialist magazines available on newsstands which cover everything from building, to the latest trends, to the cheapest and the priciest models. If not the magazines, then you can hit your nearest bookstores and you will find dozens if not hundreds of books on log home plans written from every potential angle and base that you might need to cover.

A little bit less work and little bit more investment on your dreams and family time will pay huge dividends in future.

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