What To Do With Accidentally Flushed Items

We have all had clumsy moments in our lives that have led to some big laughs or some big embarrassments. Nobody wants to relive those moments for the most part because they represent a distinct shame that you really often want to suppress. Some embarrassments, though, happen to produce issues that might be urgent if you’re not careful. For instance, dropping a wedding ring down the toilet as the toilet starts to flush is almost never a story you’ll want to repeat. But, of course, you’ll want to retrieve the wedding ring as soon as possible and you may need to enlist the services of an emergency plumber to do so.

Before you make any calls, however, you might want to give the retrieval process a try of your own. Even though it can be disgusting to try to deal with the toilet, you will also desperately want to get your wedding ring (or other item of sentimental value) back rather quickly. In some cases, the item may have lodged itself in the drainage area at the bottom of the toilet. You might be able to reach down and grab it out without having to use any tools or a plumber. But, you also might not get quite as lucky.

If you’re initial reach brings up nothing, you can always try using a snake. Use a plumbing snake with a hook on the end so that you might have a chance of pulling up the item. If it’s a ring or something with a cylindrical shape, it should find its way onto the hook with a little prodding. Of course, most households don’t come equipped with a plumbing snake, and it might be more prudent to call up an emergency plumber before you make too much of a mess.

The third option you have for retrieving a flushed item on your own is actually removing the toilet. You’ll need all the right tools and to be able to lift the toilet out of place, but this still might not be a fruitful endeavor. You might end up locating the lost item, but you will have to replace the wax ring on the toilet when you put it back into position. It’s also more than likely that doing this yourself could take an exceedingly long time.

Indeed, if you want the job done quickly and efficiently without causing any damage to the toilet itself, you’ll probably want to call an emergency plumber. They can be at your house in a flash and they will have all the tools and the know-how to adequately retrieve your item in no time. If that toilet is the only you’ve got in the house, you’ll really want the job to be quick and that’s something that a plumber can ensure.