What Will be the Fate of the Mohamed Hadid Mansion?

Billionaire developer Mohamed Hadid was given yet another setback to his lavish mansion construction. While Hadid has typically begged the city for forgiveness for various building violations, this blow could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Mohamed Hadid Mansion in Beverly Hills must be torn down to fit the building plans originally submitted to the city.

Best known for being the ex-husband of the star of the reality television show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Hadid has been constructing the 30,000-square-foot mansion for several years. It has an underground movie theater, retaining walls, hill grading, and concrete decks. Despite having his permits pulled in 2014, Hadid has continued with construction of the property, reportedly adding on an additional 10,000-sqare-feet to the original design.

Unfortunately for Hadid, his neighbor is a lawyer who is sick of the violations. Hadid has been given 10 orders to comply with building codes since 2011 reported the Los Angeles Times. Now, the city of Los Angeles has ordered Hadid to tear down portions of the construction to conform with the original building plans. It was also reported that his neighbor has filed suite for one of Hadid’s retaining walls damaging a eucalyptus tree.

It is not yet clear if Hadid plans to comply with the order or not. Time will soon tell if this mega-mansion will be a staple of the Los Angeles community or its metal support beams will be made into staples themselves. Want to see more? Check out the coverage from CBS Local in Los Angeles below.

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