Your Essential Guide To Cosmetic Surgery

If you are thinking about going for cosmetic surgery in the near future, then it is essential that you understand the whole process inside and out. There are many different aspects of cosmetic surgery that can affect your daily life, so it is essential that you are prepared for the process you are about to undergo.


You will probably already understand how expensive cosmetic surgery is; you can expect to pay thousands and thousands of pounds for the whole process. Most cosmetic surgery processes will not be available on the NHS, unless the problem is affecting your health in some way, and even then you will have to expect to wait years on a waiting list.

You should probably go to various different surgeons to discuss the surgery you want, during this time you should also bring up the financial cost to get a better idea on how much it will cost in total. You should never choose a surgeon on the basis of a lower cost, as they are likely to be cheap for a reason.


If you are choosing to have a cosmetic surgery process, then it is considered as ‘elective surgery’ and this will not be covered by most insurance plans. You should speak to your chosen surgeon about the insurance you need, he/she will often refer you to an insurance company who will cover you for the surgery.

Facilities Available

You should check with your surgeon what facilities are offered to you in the package price, this can include a certain amount of nights stay in the hospital or health centre, after care, medicines needed after your surgery.

It is important to know whether you have to purchase all this separately so you will know the full price of the surgery.


Before you go ahead and make a decision on what surgeon you are going to use, you should ask for some proof of your surgeon’s experience. He/she should then show you some photographs and testimonials of patients he has had in the past.


Just because people choose to have cosmetic surgery, it does not mean there are no risks associated to it. The likeliness of surgery going wrong is highly unlikely, however it does happen. In the past patients have been known to have a bad reaction to the anaesthetic used or other medicines used at the time. You should also be aware that the surgery may not look how you first expected it to if the surgeon does have complications.


Just like any other type of surgery, you will have to restrict yourself from any normal activities for a specified time period. It will take a while for the physical side of your surgery to heal, so you may need to take some time off from work to give yourself some proper recovery time.

You should also expect some mental differences as you come to terms with the physical change of your body.

Board Certification

It is essential you only choose a surgeon that has certification by a board of medical specialities or board of plastic surgery, if your surgeon does not have either of these then you should not use the surgeon. You can check whether they have these certifications by going on the board of plastic surgery website.

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